About Us

Educational Epiphany is a Non-profit Non-Government Organization being established to motivate the students and concerned parents to encourage their children for their studies from rural areas especially where there are still more school dropouts even in this 21st generation, which in fact is a generation of computers and technological advancements. Educational Epiphany would also like to emphasize the parent’s community that even a penny investment today towards their children education may lead to a wealthy life for future generations to come.
Our team is visiting many government schools in urban and suburban areas to encourage students and the parents concerned by giving lectures on “The importance of continuity in education”. Educational Epiphany also do conduct Merit Tests among the students of different standards and distribute certificates of merit and mementos.

The vision of Educational Epiphany is to outreach each and every villages of the state and conduct an awareness programs for the students and parents concerned about the continuity of children education and reduce the school dropouts from rural schools.